World’s most expensive private residence

World’s most expensive private residence

Do you know which is the most expensive residence in the world?, and where it is situated?, It is sure that the answers of these questions will make you wonder.This expensive residence is in South Mumbai,India.
yes, Antilia is a private residential property which is built for a 5 member family with more than 600 staffs for maintain the home for 24/7.
who is the owner of worlds most expensive residence ?
Antillia is the worl’s most expensive residential property of Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani which costs one billion dollars which is around 6700 crore Indian rupee. The home has 27 floors with extra high ceilings which is equal-ant   to 60 floors. the funny fact is that this home is made for a 5 member family and it have 600 staffs to maintain the home.

Features of the home

It have three helipads, one air traffic control room,10 lifts one health care spa ,one 50 seat cinema theater,one snow room,dance studios,ball rooms and pools ,the home will survive from 8-richter scale earth quake

and much more facilities are inside this home, while India is considered as a developing country , it is a naked fact that the world most expensive home is owned by an Indian and it is for a 5 member family, Mr. Mukesh ambani built his home with all his needs inside.This residential property was designed by the architects Perkins and will from Chicago and it is constructed by an Australian based company named Leighton Holidays. the design of the home helps to survive an 8richter scale earth quake too.

So many controversies where raised from different part of the authorities and high courts over the sale of the plot which Antalia built.this plot was previously owned by an orphanage , Currimbhoy Ebrahim Khoja Yeteemkhana . This land was sold for the purpose of education of backward Khoja children to Antalia commercial private limited company in 2002, the company was an entity which is controlled by Mukesh Ambany. waqf minister of Maharashtra at that time opposed the sale and later got a stay order over the sale.

After a long legal fight, waqf withdrawn the objection over sale of lad by receiving 24,000 dolor form Antalia commercial private limited company .

Again after the issues Indian Navy opposed to allow three helipads in a building in Mumbai.but it was resolved by Mukesh Ambany and their family had been living there since 2011.



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