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To know about Babiya: A crocodile who guards a temple in Kerala

To know about Babiya: A crocodile who guards a temple in Kerala

India is full of fascinating and miraculous stories. There are different types of miraculous story which makes the country India become an incredible. This story we say about “Babiya”. Babiya is a female crocodile lives in the lake of famous temple Ananthapura. The temple is located at kumbala, kasargod district in Kerala. The legend Babiya is a local guardian of this temple. The peculiarity of the Babiya is, she is a pure vegetarian, and only eats the prasad offered at the temple is made by jaggery and rice. She does not harm anyone, including fishes in the lake. The crocodile is guarding the temple for more than 60 years.

The trustee in the Ananthapura temple said that, Babiya is a totally vegetarian crocodile and they fed daily after the noon poojas conducted at the temple, the prasads given by the devotees and they feed her like an elephant by putting the prasads in her mouth.

There is a story behind in the Babiya’s existence. In the year of 1945, a British soldier shot the crocodile in the temple lake and the crocodile died. After few days later, the soldier died because the reason for snake bites. Peoples in the kumbala believed that it was a curse of snake God anantha. Soon after, another crocodile visible from the lake. It is believed that if one crocodile dies, another one visible immediately.

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