Are Breakfast Cereals Good For Health?

Are Breakfast Cereals Good For Health?

Are Breakfast Cereals Good For Health?

Although advertising claims that breakfast cereals are healthy, you should not believe it. In fact, they do more harm than good. One serving of cereals contains as much sugar as a donut or a piece of cake.

Sugar is used to preserve the texture of cereals. If the manufacturer states that the product is sugar-free, it’s likely that it is full of artificial sweeteners. They lead to indigestion, irregular heartbeat and increased appetite.

All cereals undergo thermal processing. Manufacturers use palm oil, which increases the fat content of the product. This causes an increase in cholesterol levels and may lead to heart disease. Cereals contain a lot of fast-digesting carbohydrates. They cause blood sugar spikes, which adversely affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Despite the promises of the manufacturers, cereals are low in fiber. Its content in grains is great. But several cycles of processing destroy it.

Cereals often contain honey, molasses and chocolate. This adds extra calories to the product and adversely affects the digestive system and contributes to weight gain.

Breakfast is the most important meal. That is why it is essential to choose the right products. Cottage cheese is one of the best products for breakfast. It contains a lot of substances essential for health: Proteins, Calcium and Phosphorus. It gets quickly absorbed by the body and makes you feel full.

Eggs help boost the immune system, fight stress and viral infections. They also improve metabolism and boost your energy.

Oatmeal is the healthiest breakfast. It helps reduce “Bad” cholesterol levels, normalizes sugar levels and promotes weight loss.

Natural yogurt without additives improves digestive health. It contains potassium, phosphorus, zinc and probiotics.

Choose citrus fruits, kiwis, apples and mangoes for breakfast. Citrus and kiwi have a lot of Vitamin C. They help break down cholesterol and absorb calcium. Apples contain a lot of fiber, antioxidants and pectin. They help remove toxins and boost metabolism. Mangoes are rich in nutrients and vitamins. This fruit is easy to digest and it makes you feel satisfied.

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