How Daily Products Can Become Harmful To Our Health

How Daily Products Can Become Harmful To Our Health

How Daily Products Can Become Harmful To Our Health

Our daily routine has so many products that we use on everyday basis. From the morning paste to the night cream, we are using them regularly without even carefully studying about their ingredients. We all are unaware about some ingredients that are really harmful for our body. Let’s take a deep look to some compounds.

Toothpaste with fluoride

A small amount of fluoride in a toothpaste can strengthen our teeth.  While fluoride itself can be harmful. Swallowing fluoride toothpaste at large amounts can cause stomach aches and sickness. If you do it regularly, it can lead to problems with bones.

Antibacterial soap

It can contain triclosan, that we absorb at low levels when washing our hands. Triclosan is linked to the toxic chemical compound dioxin, which can affect the immune system and thyroid hormone metabolism. Overuse of  antibacterial soaps improves bacteria resistance and makes it grow stronger and mutate.


The majority of deodorants contain aluminum. It can be absorbed through the skin and interact with our cells causing genetic damage and mutation leading to breast cancer. Though there is still a debate about safe dosages of aluminum. It is healthier to choose aluminum-free deodorants.

Teflon Cookware

Teflon releases dangerous gases when heated.  Cooking with high temperature with this types of pans can lead to a condition known as Teflon Flu.  It is similar to a suddenly developing influenza, with headaches, chills, fever and coughing. It causes long term consequences such as a higher risk of cancer, hydroid disease, heart disease and a stroke. Ceramic coating without toxic chemicals is a better alternative.

Plastic plates

When you eat from plastic plates, the chemicals from it may leach into your body. The most disturbing of plastics are hormone-mimicking. They are linked to chromosomal abnormalities, obesity and can cause cardiovascular system damage. There is no eco-plastic so far, so it is safer to minimalize its use in your daily life.

Paraffin Candles

While burning, a paraffin candle may release formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and other chemicals. They are dangerous for our bodies and especially for our lungs. Paraffin candles also produce soot that we inhale. The particles of soot penetrate the deepest areas of the lungs, the lower respiratory tract and alveoli interfering their normal functioning. It is better to choose soy or beeswax candles.

Air fresheners

The fumes emitted from many air freshener can be dangerous as they contain formaldehyde. This strong carcinogen can cause asthma, hormone imbalance, nose and throat cancers. The vast majority of air fresheners also contain phthalates considered toxic and causing irregular heartbeat and headaches.

Cleaning chemicals

Depending on the ingredients the chemicals contain, they may be toxic. Cleaning products such as oven cleaners, lye and drain cleaners usually contain highly corrosive alkalis. They can cause chemical burns on the skin, and in the lungs, when inhaled. Baking soda is in mild alkali category and is safe to use



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