The Right Time To Eat.

The Right Time To Eat.

The Right Time To Eat

Eating food may sound very simple in itself but it’s the simple mistakes we make that make a huge difference. So its important to know that when it comes to eating, the timing of meals is the key.

At Morning, have breakfast in an hour after getting up. It will help your body get energy after a good deal of time without food and stabilize blood sugar levels. Best foods for breakfast are oats and other whole grains, slow carbs for getting  steady and balanced energy. Fresh fruits and berries, fast carbs for a rapid boost of energy. Eggs contain proteins for building and repairing tissues and fat for feeling fuller for a longer period of time.

After 2 – 3 hours, have a small snack in order not to become “hungry” by lunch, but remember that snack is not a meal. So the portion should be moderate even if you choose healthy foods.

After 2 -3 hours, a fistful of nuts, a handful of berries or chocolate are good foods for brunch. After 3 hours, have a healthy lunch  to stay full and active throughout the afternoon. At lunch, include foods from at least 3 food groups (protein, vegetables, fruits, calcium-rich foods, grains etc.). A good  example of a well-balanced lunch is the combination of chicken breast (protein), vegetables & greens and quinoa (grains).

After 3 hours, have a small snack with food pairings that provide energy and satiety. For example a combination of cheese and fruit, whole grain crackers and nut butter etc..

After 2-3 hours, have dinner, which contains sources of protein, fiber and some healthy fats. Also 2-3 hours before going bed, have an evening snack to maintain your body while you sleep. Better to keep your evening snack, light in order not to overload your stomach during the night. Do not add any carbs as the energy provided by them is useless during your sleep.

This schedule is just an outline, as there are no strict rules for eating time. The key is to listen to your body’s hunger cues and do not make the break between eating more than 4 hours.

Try to use this scale to assess your hunger level:

  • Starving and feeling weak/dizzy.
  • Very hungry, irritable, low energy, large amount of stomach growling.
  • Pretty hungry, stomach is beginning to growl.
  • Beginning to feel hungry.
  • Satisfied, neither hungry nor full.
  • Slightly full/ Pleasantly full.
  • Slightly uncomfortable.
  • Feeling stuffed.
  • Very uncomfortable stomach aches.
  • So full you feel sick

You should eat when you are between pretty hungry, stomach is beginning to growl  and satisfied, neither hungry nor full and stop eating before you get to slightly uncomfortable.


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