Why You Should Stop Using Your Phone Before Going To Bed

Why You Should Stop Using Your Phone Before Going To Bed

Why You Should Stop Using Your Phone Before Going To Bed

Research has shown that people who use phones before bed may get worse sleep than those who give the rest for their eyes from their phones at night. If you are not using your phone at night. It may help you to fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up more refreshed without the distracting beeps and vibrations throughout the night.

  • You are damaging your back.

While you are in bed with your phone, your spine is in a wrong position. It can put your spinal disks under excessive pressure. That is why you may suffer from back pain and bad posture.

  • Your memory is getting worse.

Night phone usage prevents your brain from repairing connections damaged during the day and forming the new ones.

  • You are damaging your eyes.

The blue light from phones causes damage to the retinas. It may lead to the loss of your central vision in a long run. Using your phone at night may contribute to the development of cataracts.

  • You are becoming more prone to inflammation.

When you are looking at your phone, your neck and shoulder muscles are tensed. It may cause long-term side effects like occipital neuralgia.

  • Your cancer risk is increasing.

According to research, electromagnetic radiation from phones might be connected to the certain types of justify. Prolonged exposure to the blue light may increase the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

  • Your risk of depression is getting higher.

The blue light disrupts hormone production and sleep patterns. It makes you more prone to the feeling of depression.

  • You are making the quality of your sleep worse.

Melatonin regulates your sleep cycles and helps you get a good night’s sleep. The blue light actually disrupts melatonin production. Its improper levels may cause restless sleep, night waking and insomnia.

Try these tips to reduce the negative side effects:

  • Control your body position: Sit straight and put a pillow on your backside for a support. Keep  30 cm distance from your phone and eyes.
  • Turn on the light in your room: Adjust the screen brightness and use night mode. You may also put on glasses with orange lenses to block the blue light from the phone.
  • Try to avoid information that makes you stressed or anxious: Otherwise, you may over stimulate your brain and have trouble falling asleep.

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