Health Problems Associated With Air Condiotioning

Health Problems Associated With Air Condiotioning

Health Problems Associated With Air Conditioning
A lot of people use air conditioner in their homes and offices. In summers, most of us escaping heat with the help of air conditioners. Specialists noticed that, spending more time in Air conditioned rooms may end up making you an asthma patient.

A room where an air conditioner is working, is as dry as a desert. In air conditioning environments people may get long lasting headache and tiredness. AC causes your skin to lose it’s humidity and you may suffer from dry skin. It also increases the symptoms of low blood pressure, neuritis and arthritis.

This regular loss of water and shortage of replacement of water from below the skin tissues results in dry, flaky and rough skin. Water is necessary to keep the blood flowing in our body. It implements the same function for the skin and maintains elasticity unharmed. When AC’s get rid of water and humidity from a room, skin starts shrinking. Skin also becomes prone to developing folds and crinkles.

Dr. Rajan T.D, cosmetologist and skin specialist said that, “ACs pull out moisture from the skin as well and leave it feeling dry and stretched. If your skin is not sufficiently protected to combat it, constant dryness will affect the inner layer of the skin. When skin becomes dry and stretched it feels itchy. Those who have a dry skin will notice that their skin becomes flaky. Air conditioners aggravate skin disorder’s.

In outside environment, people frequently step out from car into the flaming hot sun or walk into an air conditioning place from a hot atmosphere. This quick shift from one climate to another climate is very stressful for the body. As such, dietary habits, pollutions, changing climate conditions, life style stresses cause degeneration of the skin.

Do Air Condition Cause Global Warming?
The over use of Air Conditioner produce more greenhouse gas. They also produce carbon into the air, a gas known to insulate the planet and contribute to global warming.

Health Problems Associated With Air Conditioning
1. Breathing problem
2. Chronic headache and Tiredness
3. Sickness
4. Dry skin

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