Health Benefits Behind The Tradition Of Putting Bindi

Health Benefits Behind The Tradition Of Putting Bindi

Health Benefits Behind The Tradition Of Putting Bindi

India is widely known for its traditions and cultures that many of us love to a great extends. Some follow these cultures because of its continuity from generations and some do it because of its significance.

One such culture is wearing a dot or Bindi on the forehead in between the eyebrows. Besides the significance and culture, wearing bindi on forehead is always considered as a mark of beauty for women. Today bindi have become a fashion and our new generation would be least aware of its significance.

Not only women, in ancient times Tilak for men was also considered vital because of its significance along with mental and physical health benefits.

The Significance

The word “BINDI” was derived from the Sanskrit word “BINDU” meaning a “point”, a “drop” and a “dot”. According to VEDAS, our physical and mental health is controlled by seven chakras or cones of energy. Among these chakras, one is known as AJNA, that is located at the center point between the eyebrows, where bindi is put. Ajna refers to “a seat of CONCEALED WISDOM“.

This point called the AJNA, is the center of divine wisdom for a truthful vision and gives the ability of intuitiveness. Ajna is also known as the third eye chakra and is linked to pineal gland of our brain. It is a gland that produces melatonin hormone which affects the modulation of wake and sleep patterns and controls various bio-rhythms of the body. Mentally, ajna deals with vision consciousness and emotionally, it deals with our intuition level.

Bindi, placed at this position is said to retain and strengthen one’s concentration. Other than ancient belief it has many health benefits also.

  1. Relieves headache- The principles of acupressure have always explained this point as the major point that can provide instant relief to headache. The convergence of nerves and blood vessels is instantly relaxed even on applying little pressure at this point.
  2. Improves eye and vision health- The center point between the eyes is directly connected to a nerve that feeds the muscles of the eyes and face. This nerve is connected to all the muscles that surround our eyes, helping them to move in all directions easily without straining your eyes.
  3. Helps in sinuses- The trigeminal nerve supplies the nose and area around it when stimulated. This helps in reducing swelling and congestion in the sinuses.
  4. Maintains ear health- One of the nerves that feed the muscles of your face helps stimulate the cochlear (most important part of the ear required for hearing). Therefore stimulating this point keeps your ear healthy.
  5. Helps in relieving stress and depression- The trigeminal nerve connected to this point deals with depression. Patients dealing with PTSD(Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder) are cured by initiating its function. Hence stimulating this point will help you get rid of stress and depression.
  6. Strengthens facial muscles and helps prevent wrinkles- As the blood flow is increased on the face, this nourishes the skin and keeps facial skin healthy.
  7. Prevents insomnia- As the point is related to pineal gland, that manages the modulation of wake and sleep pattern, a slight pressure at this point can help cure insomnia.
  8. Maintains a good mental health- As it helps in relieving stress and depression, it helps people in making themselves fit mentally by thinking positively in every aspects of life.
  9. Increases blood circulation- Science of acupressure says any pressure on this point help in good blood flow through brain, thus helping with overall body health.
  10. Provides good concentration power- The point is where major nerves of the body meet. When the spot is stimulated, a person is made calmer and beats anxiety thereby helping him in increasing power of concentration.

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