Cinnamon Helps In Maintaining Health And Beauty

Cinnamon Helps In Maintaining Health And Beauty
Cinnamon is especially used to have flavor and taste in food apart from these it can also make us healthy. Cinnamon is a good medicine for viral fever, dysentery, menstrual disorders etc. It can also increase our memory power and make us energetic.

The uses of cinnamon are:

1. Cinnamon Avoids Bad Cholesterol
We can avoid bad cholesterol by drinking water boiled with cinnamon at early morning before breakfast.

2. Cinnamon Prevents Mental Stress
A pinch of cinnamon powder mixed with honey helps in avoiding gas trouble, urinary problems and mental stress.

3. Cinnamon Is Good For Diabetes
It will help in good digestion and control the sugar level in diabetic patients.

4. Cinnamon Can Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies
It can avoid unwanted pregnancies. After delivery, eating one piece of cinnamon helps to late the menstruation date for 15-20 months.
It also helps in increasing breast milk after pregnancy.

5. It Reduces The Pain Of Pimples & Patches
By mixing cinnamon powder with lime juice helps in reducing the pain of pimples and patches.

6. Increasing Immunity Power
It helps in increasing immunity power. Cinnamon is good for all age groups. In addition to this, it is used as an anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral medicine.

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