Tips And Guidance For The Entrance Option Registration(Kerala Engineering Entrance)

Tips And Guidance For The Entrance Option Registration(Kerala Engineering Entrance)

Kerala Entrance option registration should have a preparation same like you did in Entrance exam. You can choose courses according to the chances of getting admissions on colleges with the priorities of your marks. Submitting the options only with the desire may get nothing. Some important  tips about entrance option registration are listed below:

1.First you want to know about the course and institute codes. Engineering course codes are available in the 67th page of prospectus and agriculture codes are available page 75. In the prospectus, college codes are also available. The course code has 2 letters and the college code has 3 letters. , register the options in this website. If you click any college code in the home page, you can see the seat information in every category. The basic information about the institutions are available in the professional colleges link.

3.Candidates can choose options  of eligible streams only by  the rank list published by the commissioner. One option includes one course and college.

4. The main factor is taking a decision with home to discuss about the rank, favorite subject, job opportunities, fees, quality of the institutions, campus recruitment and the distance from the home.

5.Note down the roll number(6 digit), application number (7 digit), security card key number and the password used to the submission of application form. Keep it secret to avoid trespassing others to your login, otherwise unknown members can change the options in your home page.( Commissioner announced  the key number of candidate  who paid application fees as draft)

6.Click the KEAM 2016 Candidate portal in the website, then enter your roll number and application number. After click the option register give your key number and password. In the way of you get the facility of selecting options in the home page.

7.All options are available in the screen.Find the combinations of course and college and select with the priorities 1,2,3. Don’t forget to save the details. Finally the computer will  arrange this in correct order. There is no limit to giving options. Computer receives the entries even if you select options from different streams randomly .

8.If you feel difficult to select the options in the website, you can take the print out of option worksheet or detailed option work sheet from the webpage and can fill the details in that printed sheet, after correcting this printed sheet by crosschecking the details  you can get back to the webpage and order it correctly. After the submission of options take the print out and keep it safe. Don’t forget to log off, other wise unknown person can change the full options in your home page.

9.If you want to ignore the first option, login the website again and click the combinations of the priority number type as ‘0’ then update it.

10.Finally saved details will remain as your option list. If you want to update again,you should repeat the same steps as done before.

11.You can make changes to  the options till the entrance commissioner freezes  the options from the system (webpage). We can see the option list in the related link and these can be printed by downloading the PDF file .

12.They will publish the list of trial allotment before the submission of first allotment ends. By reviewing this trial allotment list you will  get an idea your allotment.

13.  You should remember one thing before choosing priorities, if they permit  one option as per your priority listing, you cannot change the options from your lower priority listing ,even  if the options are available.

14.Entrance will not available for course or college which you didn’t asked or marked as your option.

15.You should consider the management seats and merit seats (gov.seats) separately in Government Aided Colleges.The selection process for the seats which have higher fees are done by this option.

16.After the final submission of option, the commissioner will  freeze the webpage and give the best opportunity to everyone. and the selection list will be published in the website. According  to your selection, payment  should transferred to the  bank account of entrance commissioner through State Bank Of Travancore. Those who fail to pay the fees will not be allotted to any stream.

17.If you  get one option in the priority, other options are automatically removed. Example: a candidate select the option 87, and he get option 28. Then options from 29 to 87 will automatically disabled. After the payment of fees you can change the order or remove the options, but cannot adding a new option.

18.Next is second allotment. The candidates those who didn’t make payment will be  removed from the list and other eligible candidate will be allotted to that position. This process will be continue, still the entrance is completed.

19.After the first allotment,candidates get back to the home page of the website and click the confirm button. After this, candidates can change the order or remove the unwanted options. Otherwise the higher option will be lost. They will not consider in the next allotment. This conditions are also applicable for the next coming allotments.

20.Webpage will be updated with the list of  money payment bank branches, option facilitation centers and the help desks. If you forget the key number or password, contact the facilitation center and can make inquiry. for any further inquiry or clarification after the final submission, you should keep the documents generated while filling the form. (see the prospectus paragraph 11.5.3).

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