The real Dracula(Dracula untold)

The real Dracula(Dracula untold)

The common perspective of Dracula is a villain who thirst on drinking human blood,but we should also remember that there was a man called Dracula who lived in 15th century Transylvania in modern day Romania.His real name is Vlad Tepes(his nickname is Vlad the impaler).His father’s name is Vlad dracul because he was in the Order of the Dragon.the order of dracula was a military religious order in Romania.

The movie Dracula untold is a revisionist story of Dracula which we do not see in other Dracula movies.Here the Dracula is seen as a hero who would protect his family and kingdom at all cost.In the movie Vlad Dracul is seen as the victim of Ottoman cruelty and as a child he

was taken to ottoman janisseries and there he proved himself to be a warrior.In the corps he would get his nickname ‘the impaler’.After he Proved Himself to be warrior he got tired of his reputation.So he left the janiseries and return his homeland.After he returns he finds threats from the ottoman empire to his small principality.The sultan mehmet who is considered as the hero of the ottoman empire by conquering the great Costantinople is senting envoys to Vlad inorder to submit 1000 kids including his son for the army.This made Vlad in a difficult position as he had a very small army with him.then he decides to consult with a vampire whom he gets to know by a monk.there when he met the vampire it would give him a cup of blood to drink and later when he awakes he finds himself in the forest he finds that his skin burns in the sunlight and his wife also finds somewhat changes in him.With his vampire power he single handely destroys the ottoman army and everybody gets suspicious of how he got the power and monk explained that he was a vampire and people tried to burn him but he told them that he did that because that is the only way he can protect his empire.Here the hero depicts of only way to protect his folks is through cruel methods.

In the movie  it depicts that sultan mehmet made the situation for vlad to become a vampire but when we read the history we can see that Vlad was cruel when he was a youth onwards .this movie can be seen as a product of new wave of islamophobia in the western world .The movie portrays that the impaling done by Vlad was to save his kingdom but when we look to the history we find that it was solely becuase of his sadistic sense that he impaled his letter to his crusade friend of how many thousand did he killed the number of people whom he considered as enemies were killed by him using the most sadistic methods. Whatever the history says Vlad Dracula was a hero for

Romanians because if he wasn’t there for them then the current state of Romania will not have happened it would have been integrated with turkey.It should be considered as in one side we can see that he killed many people using sadistic methods but on other side he was their to protect his people.



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