A cinema which  is a critic to all kinds of fascist mentalities or isms which centered on an individual at its higher end, With all social relevance  and point of view of a viewer, the movie ‘Animal Farm’ did this criticism with all its social commitments. The story of this movie is based on the novel by George Orwell and directed by Halas and Batchelor, movie released on 29th December 1954.

But the political satire behind the making of this movie, by Halas and Batchelor adopted from the novel ‘animal farm’ by George Orwell reveals the secret agenda of America against the Soviet Union at the cold war  as it is produced by CIA. The anti communist attitude of America during the cold war reflected in the making of this movie.

The movie says the story on an animal farm and how a social political system starts with the slogan of liberty, equality, sovereignty and a pig is elected as the ruler of that farm, after getting elected as the ruler , pig Neapolian  transforms to a monopolistic then makes changes to rules and laws according with his welfare.

When the ruler pig says ” All animals are equal but some are more equal than others “, the movie makers are targeting the soviet communist ruler at that time indirectly, for the sake of fascists, but the movie and the mentioned dialogue repeats to the makers to question the capitalistic behavior of this quote. The movie is really appreciable when it reacts to all monopolistic political satire without the permission of makers whose  intention to curse a system with the help of another.

The movie is getting relevant when it blames a failed political system and fingered towards all isms which is centralized with a monopoly which happened intentionally or not in a system. The movie talks this essence not only to the viewers but to the makers of the film too.


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