john abraham the anarchist

john abraham the anarchist

There is a saying that in the future legends become myths,and later myths would be considered superstitions,and later superstitions die off.This is the situations of every legends and here we are going to talk about a drunkard ,rebel who would take his movies to stars so that his movies could be seen by every future ones.what is this man is nobody can replicate him and his ideas,his ideas are so complex that even if you learn the art of criticism cannot explain.what were this man’s ideas. even though his every idea had the smell of liquor but it is not the idea of the liquor bit it is the idea that fermented in his soul.

They say there will be a zeitgeist that changes the world and john Abraham is the zeitgeist of Malayalam movie.we had seen that many who had made art films tried to replicate his lifestyle had failed miserably.The every breath he takes is that of protest and every symbol he give in his films are read  anxiously by the ruling class. They feared him because he showed his movies to the common man.

They wanted to kill him for his stubbornness but he never made them to catch the Him but he protested the inequalities and showed how the ruling class fool the working class.He wanted a classless ,moneyless society so that everybody would live equally.He mocked the ultra conservatives through his strong movies such as‘agraharathile kazhutha’and ‘cheriyachante kruradakkal’ which were critically acclaimed but his masterclass was his last movie called’amma ariyan’ where he was creating a avant garde style of movie in Malayalam.

His film ‘Cheriyachante kroorakrityangal’ depicts conservative mindset of a landlord called cheriyachen who was cruel to his workers but later feel threatened by industrialism and leftist labour activities here there is a difference in situation such that cheriyachan is found to be a victim of history rather than a villain.

In his earlier movie ‘agraharathile kazhutha’ is somewhat different from cheriyachan which he used to fight conservatism in society but here he attacks the feudal system.But his most important and one of the avant-garde movie in the history of Malayalam movie was his last movie amma ariyan in which lead character was renowned movie artistJoy Mathew. The film is made as a documentary style which was not seen in malayalm industry.The movie allegorically studies the death of a failed Revolution. It was critically acclaimed and made john Abraham a world renowned artist.It is the only south Indian movie to be in top 10 films in india.

John Abraham was a lone tusker who had made his own Pathway in the history of Malayalm movie. He was an alcoholic and he drank in the roof of a hotel and fell down and he died next dayThat was the end of an era of one of the best moviemakers in malayalam industry.when we remember john Abraham we should always remember the torch of creative movie that he given to future directors but many tragically tried to copy his lifestyle and failed miserably and many didn’t got his talent in intellectual field.

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