”Syilvester Stallone” from the street to Hollywood…

”Syilvester Stallone” from the street to Hollywood…

The story of Sylvester Stallone is a inspiration for all those who knows his life, Why because it is a story of a common man or a man who lived with below average life status who pursued his dreams with passion and commitment. Do you know why he used to speak with a slurred manner?. From here we can start this story, the renowned Holly Wood actor, scriptwriter, and director Mr. Silvester Stallone was born on July 6 1946, with a semi paralyzed face . His  lower left part of face was paralyzed including tongue, lip , and chin. After entering to the cinema this slurred manner in speaking changed to the trade mark of Stallone.

Life at the very end of my rope?

At his adult life he had to face a lot of struggles with lack of income, He lost his apartment and these struggles lead him to the streets of New York city, along with his dog. On these days the only dream he had was to act in a cinema, unfortunately he didn’t get any chances to act.At this time he acted in a pornographic movie for earning $200, Stallone later said that “it was either to do that movie or rob someone, because I was at the end, at the very end of my rope”.  Day by day his situation gone worst,  alas he sold his pet dog for just $50 to  a stranger at a liquor shop.He was totally broke that his situation  went to this point to sell his companion. But his passion to act in a movie didn’t disappeared.

Way to cinema

In 1975, after seeing Muhammad Ali VS Chunk Wepner fight ,he decided to write a movie screenplay. Thus he completed the movie script of ” Rocky” this was mainly for selling this script and getting a lead role in the movie.He went to some producers, they were willing to buy the scrip for $125,000 but the refused his demand for act in that movie, Stallone walked away. After some weeks the producers offered $325,000 for the script , but this time also they refused to give him a chance to act. At last the movie happened and our hero acted in that movie for a payment of $35,000.From that remuneration he spent $15,000 to find his dog and that dog was also in that movie Rocky.

This movie Rocky collected $200 million for its success, thus the poor man pursued his dream, the movie was a world wide success and won Oscar award too.Later his career in film industry  had a great success. The movie Rocky continued its series till 2015. In between these period he grown up as a director script writer and a well known actor.

The way he pursued his dream is the inspirational thing we can find in this legends life.

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