Stop refrigerating these 7 foods

There are some food that’s shouldn’t be stored in refrigerator.Because the food will lost the favor,reduce nutritional quality.These are the list of food that definitely should not refrigerate.


Onion contain moisture and the moisturizes make it soft, if we place it in the fridge it become moldy.Instaed of it store onion in cool and dry place.Important thing is while storing onion notice to avoid potatoes because potatoes tend to release moisture and gas that cause onion to rot.


It have the same that of the potatoes .refrigerating affect the flavor and lifespan.That environment allow them to sprout and become moldy too.


Tomatoes are not likely to be refrigerated because they loss  there flavor.Cold air that stop the ripening and it break down the membranes in the tomatoes and turn them mushy.The best way to store is to put them in the basket or glass bowl.


They should be stored in the room temperature. The cold air will damage the quality of these fruits,loss the flavor and texture.

Ketchup,Soy Sauce

It contain large no.of preservatives like vinegar etc.They will be fine without refrigeration.


You should put bread outside the fridge because it become dry.And you end up eating dry bread. Instead, keep what you’ll eat within four days at room temperature and freeze the rest. Store in a cool cupboard or bread box for a fresh slice.


They will stay fresh outside the fridge .Like ketchup they contain preservatives that does’nt allow to become the pickles to get moldy.

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