Ginger Therapy For Kidney Disease

Ginger Therapy For Kidney Disease

Ginger Therapy For Kidney Disease
What is Ginger Therapy?
Ginger therapy is an excellent treatment for kidney failure and dialysis undergoing patients. Ginger contains rich amount of minerals and nutrients such as zingiberene, zingiberol and gingerol. These nutrients can improves blood circulation and increase blood flow into the kidneys. This can improve anoxia and ischemia, which is good for kidney recovery.

The anti oxidants containing in ginger protect your kidney from being damaged further.

Procedure For Ginger Therapy Massage
1. Take 125g of fresh ginger and chop them into pieces and grind well in a mixer.

2. Put the grinded ginger in a white cloth and knot it.

3. Take 3 liters of water into a vessel and boil it well. When bubbles appear, dip the cloth tied ginger into the boiled water. Close the vessel with a plate.

4. Keep the stove in low flame for 30 minutes.

5. After 30 minutes, put off the stove and keep the vessel in the locked condition for five minutes.

6. Take the ginger water vessel and ask the patient to lie down on his stomach down posture.

7. Dip a towel in the boil ginger water, squeeze it and gently massage with towel on the back side of the patient’s body. (Continue this massage for 20 minutes)

8. When the massage is over gently rub 3-4 drops of sesame oil on the affected portion.

Note : While dipping the cloth in water every time, don’t forget to close the ginger vessel quickly to avoid loss of heat.

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