Wrong food combinations as per Ayurveda

Wrong food combinations as per Ayurveda

Food is an essential part of every human’s life. Some people love to simply cook dishes others have their eyes on some pungent flavors and enjoy unusual combination choices, of course, even a child knows that eating beans and soda together can bring unexpected results. Wrong food combinations as per our Ayurved. Do you know that even two healthy foods when taken together can turn unhealthy here are food combinations you must avoid at all cost.

Milk shouldn’t be combined with any other food

Milk never combines well with any other food, milk is complete and concentrated food itself, it requires full digestive process of its own kind. Milk is totally different protein than other concentrated proteins like meat , egg, nuts etc. Milk doesn’t digest in the stomach but into denim hence in the presence of milk, stomach doesn’t respond with its secretion.

Liquids and Solids

There is a law that no liquid should be taken with solids. Liquid to pass away immediately in to intestines take away all the digestive enzymes, thus inhibiting the digestion liquids should be taken at least 200 minutes prior to a meal and not immediately after or along with the meal but can be taken one hour after meal.

Banana and Milk

Ayurveda lists that this combination is one of  the heaviest and toxin forming. It is set to create heaviness in the body and slow down the mind processing. If you are a fan of milk and bananas smoothies make sure that banana is very ripe and add cardamom along with nutmeg to stimulate digestion.

Cold Drinks

Avoid Cold or ice drinks during or directly after a meal. The cold food diminishes the digestive power called Agni and causes a host digestive problems, allergies and cold. The same reason goes for ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Green tea or black tea and milk

Green tea or black tea and milk tea contain flavonoids called catechins which have many beneficial effects on the heart. When milk is added to tea, then a group of proteins in milk called casein interact with the tea to reduce the concentration of catechins. So avoid tea and milk together.

Drink warm water

Small sips of warm water during a meal can help aid digestion. Do not drink extremely cold water as the body uses too much effort to move it through the digestive tract, which should be saved to digest your meal.

Olive Oil and Nuts

Olive Oil and Nuts are commonly combined in salad dressings. Olive oil is a fat and nuts are protein. Again the raw fat has an inhibiting effect on the digestion of the protein


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