Pressing This Point Can Help Relieve Stress Within Seconds

Pressing This Point Can Help Relieve Stress Within Seconds

Pressing This Point Can Help Relieve Stress Within Seconds

There used to be times long ago when people used to live years without having any kind of diseases. Tension and stress were not required to be bothered. Also in ancient times people were never dependent on medicines, they used to either find home remedies to cure or leave it its way. In this busy world who bothers a slight headache? Even in a small headache they need pills. A human consumes about 14,000 to 40,000 medicinal pills in their lifetime and even more. From sleeping pills to anti-allergens all are dependent on these chemical drugs.

Headaches have become so common these days that people ignore it, without knowing that it is related to stress and tensions. Today diseases and illness have increased only because of DEPRESSION.

Stress and tensions are a part of our life but treating it with pills can only worsen the conditions.

The Solution

Saying I AM O.K. can never be a solution to our worries and tensions. Anti depressant pills can help you to what extend? They may help you from depression, but what about the harm done by the chemicals you eat daily in the name of pills? Studies and researches have proved that the major reason for headaches are stress and depression, which has made MIGRAINE a common disease today.

SCIENCE OF MEDITATION says that for every problem our body undergoes, it has its own way of healing. One of the solution is found by ACUPRESSURE.


It is said that there are major 12 meridians in our body. These meridians make up a complex network through which vital energy flows. Our body has a number of points that are directly or indirectly related to different parts of our body. One such point is on the forehead that relates our brain and its functionality.

You can get rid of headaches within 45 seconds by just applying pressure to this point.

Where Exactly The Point Is ?

The point is between the tip of the forehead and eyebrows. This point has the power to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle tension. The best part is that it can help relieve stress.

What you need to do is simply press lightly on the point between the eyebrows and move your finger upwards a little in a straight line. Apply pressure on this point for about 45 to 60 seconds and you will be able to notice changes within no time.

The Overall Benefit

Other than its instant relief it has also other benefits like:

  • Improves memory.
  • Reduce nervous tensions.
  • Reduces eye strain and eye fatigue.
  • Helps with insomnia.
  • Also relieves sinus pain.
  • Relieves congestion.
  • Helps in regenerative process.
  • Improves appearance of the skin, especially around eyes and mouth.

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