If You Have Two Dimples In The Back, You’re Really Lucky

If You Have Two Dimples In The Back, You’re Really Lucky
Every human have different life styles. People loves to live healthy and wealthy life . Health is the important factor in human life. Every person wants to have attractive and beautiful body shape.Here we are describing about the lucky back dimple or Venus dimple.

WHAT IS VENUS DIMPLE (sign of fortune)
The holes appeared in the lower part of the back body,  and can be found above the buttocks  is known as Venus dimples(Venus holes). Another name of Venus dimples is back dimple.

These dimples are appeared in the lower back of men and women. In men, they are known as Apollo dimple(Apollo holes), and the Venus dimples for women. These holes are situated on the junction between of two lower back bones. This dimples gives you more attractive and stylish body shape. But, only a few people have  these lucky beautiful dimples on their back. These dimple or holes are very rare, and this dimples are considered as lucky or a sign of fortune.

A person with two back dimples  are considered as lucky.According to Greek mythology, peoples who have these dimples in lower back of the body,are the most luckiest persons in the world.

Peoples believe that these dimples are appeared due to the weight loss and certain type of exercises. Most of this types of dimples commonly seen in the body builders and athletes. So it is clear that a man or woman healthy body, then these dimples will be visible, this is why because burning off unhealthy fat from our body and this gives you a good shape for your body.

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