First Swivel Biopsy Test To Detect Cancer In Its Early Stage

First Swivel Biopsy Test To Detect Cancer In Its Early Stage

Indian Scientist Discovers First Swivel Biopsy Test To Detect Cancer In Its Early Stage

Cancer is one of the diseases often people fear as it can affect any person fit to unhealthy. Now-a- days millions of them are fighting from cancer all around them. Researchers and scientists are giving their all efforts to find a solution to the cause.

Many home remedies are known to lower the risk of getting cancer. However if the result is positive, the treatment is very haunting. As it is said the duration of cancer treatment is the toughest, scientist are working day and night to lower the pain caused. The government has been spending crores into finding the solution.

But now one of the Indian scientist from Mumbai Dr. Zahra Hussain has been able to find the world’s First Swivel Biopsy Test To Detect Cancer In Its Early Stage of oral cancer.

About The Researcher

Dr.Zahra serves in Nanavati Hospital, during her work was she took the research into her veins by seeing patients suffering from pain. She just wanted to lower the pain and worked for 12 years on research to get this absolute and help millions of them.

According to Dr.Zahra, one in every seven people die of oral cancer in India alone. Oral cancer, which includes cancers of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses, and pharynx(throat), can be life threatening if not diagnosed and treated early. It is majorly caused to smokers, tobacco users and alcoholics. As smoking alone causes damages the lips, the fingers, the mouth, teeth,throat,lungs,veins,eyes,heart. The only reason for the scientist to work on this kind of cancer was the high risk.

The Painless Cancer Test

Dr.Zahra was able to design a kit by her own that detects cancers six years in advance. The rural India is the most affected of oral cancer,hence she wants to reach and help them  to her best. She launched her painless Cancer Test(C-TEST) in front in the presence of many Bollywood celebrities.The test is like a screening test just like done in breast cancer, being very simple, painless,bloodless and effortless.

She claims that her treatment will be absolutely free for the poor which will also include counselling and a diet plan. She added by saying that the project is not only for India but for the world at large. Her only aim is to reduce human sufferings and save human lives.

The step taken towards the betterment by Dr. Zahra for us is remarkable and that we are always with her.


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