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Facts About Maha Shivaratri

Facts About Maha Shivaratri

Facts About Maha Shivaratri
Maha Shivaratri is considered to be a great day for Lord Shiva. It is a festival widely celebrated in India. The festival is celebrated on the moonless night of the month of ‘phalguna’, and this festival is specially dedicated to Mahadev Shiva.

In all major Hindu temples, Shivaratri also called Maha Shivaratri, is a great occasion celebrated all over India. From the early morning of Shivaratri, Shiva temples are crowded by devotees. Devotees quit food by taking a full day fast and eat only in the next morning, after the night of deep worship. Shivaratri fasting is mainly followed by married women for their husbands in order to achieve longer life.

There are many mythological stories connected with the day of Shivaratri. According to a famous legend –
Once upon a time, a hunter used to live in a forest. He killed animals in forest to fulfill his hunger.
One day he planned to hunt a deer for a day’s food. He climbed the branch of a wood apple tree. To attract dear, he started throwing the leaves of the tree on the ground, Unfamiliar about a Shiva Lingam situated under the tree. Pleased with the wood apple leaves and the willingness of hunter, Lord Shiva appeared in front of the hunter and blessed him with prosperity. From that day onwards, the man stopped hunting animals and eating them.

Other Mythological Story
One day people on the earth went through many natural calamities. Goddess Parvathi seeing people in trouble promised Mahadeva to save the world. Lord Shiva agreed to protect the world on the pretext that the people of the earth would have to worship him with dedication and passion. From that day onwards, that night came to be known as Maha Shivaratri and people began to worship Shiva with great enthusiasm.

In India, Hindu temples are decorated with lights and amazing programs are organized on the occasion of Shivaratri.

Popular Names Of Lord Shiva
1. Aashutbosh – One who fulfill wishes
2. Akshayaguna – God with limitless attributes
3. Anagha – Without any fault.
4. Bhairava – Destruction of fear.
5. Bholenath – Kind hearted lord.
6. Bhudeva – Lord of the earth.
7. Bhutapala – Protector of the ghost.
8. Devadi deva – God of God’s.
9. Omkara – Creator of OM.
10. Pashupathi – Lord of all living beings.
11. Gangadhara – Lord Of River Ganga.

Things Related To Lord Shiva
1. Moon
Shiva has Chandra/moon on his forehead. This is not the moon that appear in the sky.

2. Rudraksh
Shiva has rudraksh around the knotted bunch of hair on his head, neck, wrist and waist.

3. The Third Eye
Shiva is considered to have a third eye on his forehead. The third eye represents, combined energy of both left and right eye.

According to yoga shastra, the third eye denotes “sushama nadi.”

4. The Serpent
The serpent or Naga on the neck is considered as Shiva’s weapon.

5. Tiger Skin
Shiva is often shown seated upon a tiger skin.
The tiger is a symbol of cruelty. This symbolizes that he is all powerful.

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