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Sabarimala Temple idol resembles Budha(Avalokteswara Bodhisattva):- From Pandhalam dynasty to Sabarimala-part3

Sabarimala Temple idol resembles Budha(Avalokteswara Bodhisattva):- From Pandhalam dynasty to Sabarimala-part3

Todays Erumeli,Sabarimala,Ponnmabalamedu was at that time known as Churlimala found in the writings of  Xuanzang.Sabarimala was a budhist shrine.Xuanzang reveals that idol of the Buddhist shrine was that of Avalokiteśvara , an avatar of Bodhisattva. Ayyappa is also known as Dharma Sasta. As its well known that word ‘Dharma’ is deeply rooted in Buddhist literature.In fact it was”Lord Siva” who metamorphosed into Avalokitesvara. Thousand armed Avalokitesvara have echoes of Siva and Vishnu, of Hari and Hara.There is no clear evidence as to when the pilgrimage to Sabarimala began.Until 10 th century the main religion of Kerala was Buddhism and Jainism.The legend of Hariharaputra (son of Vishnu and Siva) is probably the result of the compromise between Vaishnava and Saivas streams of Hinduism.Prince of Pandalam dynasty Manikandan, rediscovered out the original way of Sabarimala.The prince is said as the “Avatar of Ayyappa”.He have many followers including descendants of Vavar family.Believed that he led a pack of leopards to the palace with Vavar and later disappeared to Sabarimala.They refreshed the resources at Erumely and is begining of Erumely Petta thullal.These are the results from the record of Kesari Baslakrishna Pillai.They laid down there arms today the place were known as Saramkuthy.Temple doors of sabarimala is opened to all irrespective of caste,religion etc.In 1950 the fire broke out the temple and then it was reconstructed.

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Note:This article series is on the basis of collected information from various historical books such as “Elavarsevampettu”, Kesari Balakrishnan Pillai’s”followers”, Nalankal Krishnapillai and Dr.S.K Nairs Book

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