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Preserving Bodies After Death In The Hope Of Reviving Their Lives

Preserving Bodies After Death In The Hope Of Reviving Their Lives

Preserving Bodies After Death In The Hope Of Reviving Their Lives

What happens after death no one knows. The mystery is known only by the dead. But what happens to body after death all are aware about. What if you hear that the body of a dead person is preserved for years? To an utter amazement CRYONICS is a process of freezing dead people who can’t accept the concept of death, with the hope that restoration to full health may be possible in the far future.

Man Behind Cryonics

The first person to give a try was James Bedford, an emeritus professor at the University Of California. He became the first person to be “CRYOPRESERVED”. A small team of doctors froze him few hours after he died from liver cancer that spread to the lungs. His body is preserved in a big tank of liquid nitrogen in Arizona. Others slowly began to follow and today there are more than 300 people preserved in these liquid nitrogen containers.

History Made Through Embalming

The concept of Cryonics was first referred to “Embalming” which is an art and science of preserving human body after death to prevent decomposition. The embalming concept was seen in the earlier times in Egypt, where bodies were mummified for their belief in immorality of soul.

Alfredo Salafia, a Sicilian Professor of chemistry, was a noted embalmer and taxidermist of the 1900’s. He discovered a way to preserve bodies using a special formula. Starting first with animals then with people, Salafia perfected his process. Eventually, he embalmed his own father. He continued his work in United States and started selling the embalming liquid to funeral parlors. He died in 1933 without revealing the secret of his embalming fluid.

The Sleeping Beauty Rosalia Lombardo– Most Beautiful Mummy In The World

Rosalia Lombardo was an Italian child who died of pneumonia. Rosalia’s father was sorely grieved upon her death, so approached Alfredo Salafia to preserve her. And due to Salafia’s great techniques the body was well preserved. Her body is kept in a small chapel and is encased in a glass covered coffin, placed on a wooden pedestal.

Salafia replaced the girl’s blood with a liquid made of formalin to kill bacteria, alcohol to dry the body, glycerin for keeping her from over drying, salicylic acid to kill fungi and zinc salts to give her body rigidity.

X-rays of the body proved that all the organs of the body were remarkably intact. This mummy is one of the best preserved bodies in the catacombs. It is one of the most famous of the 8,000 bodies once found in the catacombs. Rosalia has gained fame because of the excellent preservation of her body.

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