Why Do Birds Fly In V-Shaped Formation

Why Do Birds Fly In V-Shaped Formation

Why Do Birds Fly In V-Shaped Formation

We all know birds migrate. Many evenings, we notice birds flying all together towards a particular direction. Seeing them migrating, we get to know about climate changes. Every bird does not migrate. There could be different reasons why birds migrate. But mainly the reasons depend upon food availability or climate change. Viewing these migrating birds, the first doubt any one has would be how do they follow such symmetry and shapes. We all have noticed once birds flying in a symmetrical V-shape formation. Ever wondered why?

The V-Shape Formation

Depending upon different reasons of migrating, birds migrate in different ways too. Some birds migrate alone, some travel in pairs and many move in large flocks. Birds flying together may be common, but following a V-shape pattern is definitely unique. Small birds usually fly in swarms, while large birds fly in formations.

Why V-Shape Pattern

Many researches and studies have been carried on this V-shape formation of birds. Generally, there are two reasons found out explaining the fact behind the V shape formation. One being the fact about “AERODYNAMICS” and the other being just following the leader or the group.


This is a relevant fact agreed by everyone that their formation influences the aerodynamics helping them to fly easily. As the birds flap their wings, the air flowing off their wing tips give birds in the back of the V an extra lift. This reduces the amount of energy they need to fly.

The most difficult position for the birds is when any of them is leading the whole group. All the energy has to be put altogether by the one leading the mass. During the period of migration, they change their position eventually when the leader gets tired. It falls to the rear of the view where there is least amount of wind resistance.

Rotating through various positions in the V formation, maximizes the use of each bird’s energy, allowing them to fly for longer period and far places without having to stop.

The Other Fact

The other fact that studies came out with was related about the bird’s behavior. The behavior that helps them to be in sight of every other bird with them. It makes easier for them to keep track of each other. Group of fighter pilots also follow the same V-shape arrangement for the same reason.

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