Why Should Cooked Rice Not Be Reheated

Why Should Cooked Rice Not Be Reheated

It is said that food should not be thrown or wasted. That is why we store food in the fridge and use it for few more days. Kept in fridge or not, many people re heat the food and then have it. Who doesn’t like to have food serve hot. Specially if it is taken out of fridge we prefer it to heat it once.
But to those who frequently heat the food and eat, you need to know that heating the cooked food again and again is not good for health, especially foods like rice.

When rice is not cooked, it contains many harmful bacteria’s as every raw food has. According to the Food Standard Agency, until the rice is cooked properly, these bacteria’s do not die. And if the cooked rice is not stored properly, chances are there that these bacteria’s can grow again in it. If they reach our body , they may harm us.

If you cook your rice early morning, and have it again for your dinner, it is possible that the bacteria may be present. And this can enter your body also.

It is said to have your cooked rice within one or two hours. After these hours, possibility of germs growing in them will increase. If not able to consume it within time, then it should be stored in proper cool place or at low temperature area.

If the rice is not cooked properly, after taking it from fridge, bacteria’s may start growing when it reaches a normal temperature. And these bacteria wont die if you heat them lightly.

If the rice is not stored in proper temperature, you may get vomiting, stomach illness and other related health problems.

In the same way heating the edible oil again and again can also harm your health. The poly-saturated oils and linolein acid, when heated again converts into toxins. This can lead to cancer, liver problems, Alzheimer’s disease and many other killing diseases.

Therefore,think before you reheat your cooked food next time.

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