A Rare Chicken Breed

A Rare Chicken Breed


blackrooster                     We all are familiar with black color and its not an uncommon color in the animal world.’Ayam Cemani’ an Indonesian chicken breed is entirely different from other chicken. Its a rare chicken breed.From the top to the feet its black and dark.Their blood is much dark red colored. Ayam Cemani is referred as the “Lamborghini of poultry.”Ayam means ‘chicken’ in Indonesia and Cemani means’ completely black’ in Japanese.Ayam Cemani is the most expensive and exclusive bird in the world, single bird costs $2,500 .The chicken is commonly known as magical chicken.They are considered as the status symbols and used in preparing certain traditional medicines.

Ayam Cemani get the black color from their genetic feature known as ‘fiberomelanosis’.Body weight for female is 1-1.2 kg and for males is 1.8kg. There body is narrow having straight and flat tail touching the ground.That promote the proliferation of the pigment cells.Indonesians  eat those chicken as the part of rituals.The single black combs ,its rare in the  other species .The Ayam Cemani lay about 60 eggs in first year and have white pinkish color with weight of 45g. The meat is rich in iron,less fat,more protein and less cholesterol.So its suited for diabetic and heart patients.Researches shown that it contain 24%  of linoleic acid which help  to fight against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  In some countries like Indonesia these birds are got sacrificed ,they believe that it bring fortune to those around it.They lay cream colored eggs.In 19th century Dutch Traders brought it into international market.Its difficult to give an exact definition of the breed.We must join to preserve these types of breeds and its characteristics.

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