Romario the forgotten hero

Romario the forgotten hero

Soccer - FIFA World Cup USA 94 - Group B - Brazil v Cameroon - Stanford Stadium

Brazil is a team where we can see countless talents,we may ask what is the specialty of Brazil and its football culture and when we study deep into it we find that poverty plays a role ,arguably most of the Brazilian players come from the slums of Brazilian cities and from their young age on-wards they start playing football in the streets of favela (the slums are called favela). when we look closely into their style of playing  unlike the Italians they give much importance to their attacking play,they play skillful football and they always show why they are called masters of football. The Brazilian style of football is called joga bonito.

Brazil has produced more footballing heroes than any other country,football was always in the blood of Brazilians from the time it was imported from Europe. Many heroes were born around the ball from Pele who was called the ‘wizard goalscorer’to vava, garrincha etc. But in the 1990’s two phenomenons were born to Brazilian football they were Rronaldo and romario. They formed the most forceful attacking combo in the history of football.this attacking combination is called ro-ro attack.But Ronaldo lately become a super star in Europe and was called one of the best players in world ,but Romario was slowly forgotten. even though both played for best clubs in europe,romario later felt that he should return to his homeland for his family later on media in Europe forgot their former idol and they left their concentration in Europe only.

in 1994 world cup we again felt the glittering talent of Romario , and in that world cup romario helped Brazil to win the cup.then in his homeland he became a superstar again,but later as he aged his talent began to the 1998 world cup he was not included because the coach had punished him for indiscipline and later on Brazilian media also began to forgot him.thus one of the superstar whom some called ‘the best striker’ retired silently


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