Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Neck Easily

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Neck Easily

Dark rings around the neck is known as hyperpigmentation of the skin that occurs along the folds and creases in the body. According to doctors this pigmentation means your insulin is not working properly. This could signify type 2 diabetes, a lifelong condition that affects the way your body metabolizes sugar.

Dark pigmentation, know as acanthosis nigricans, can also be found in the underarms of grain. The elevated insulin levels in the body activates. Insulin receptors in the skin, forcing it to grow abnormally and causes extra pigment in the skin. Type 2 diabetes is a long term condition that affects your insulin levels and the way your body process glucose. Consult your doctor if you notice dark patches around the neck and under arms .

Cosmetic remedies to whiten the skin:

1. Scrub your neck with cucumber regularly , it helps in removing the dead skin cells. Scrub with a slice of cucumber or massage with cucumber juice for a few minutes and then wash it off.

2. Scrap off some aloevera gel from a aloe leaf and it to the neck. Keep it on for 20 minutes and wash.

3. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to warm water. Make a paste by mixing baking soda with  warm water and then apply this paste all over the neck and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this regularly and you will be able to see changes soon.

4. Mix dried orange peel powder to milk. Apply this paste on the entire neck for 20 minutes and wash it with cool water.

5. Apply lemon juice with honey on the neck for 20 minutes and then wash it. This has always been a remedy treating many skin ailments. Honey and lemon juice has proved to be very effective in bleaching any dark patches that are formed around the neck area. Add few drops of lemon juice to honey and mix well and then apply this paste over the neck area regularly.

6. Mix tomato juice, honey and lemon and apply the mixture on the neck. Wash your neck after 20 minutes.

7. Almond Oil massage your neck area gently with almond oil for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water or wipe away the oil with a cotton ball. Do this regularly to clear off the dark patches around your neck area.

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