Health benefits of smelling fart

We know how difficulty it is to suppress our fart. Sometimes smelling fart (flatulence) shame on ourselves, but now the scientists says not to hide your fart but emit it even it is a deadly silent flatulence(smelling fart).The had done some studies on this and found some important health benefits of farting. Before discussing about the health benefits we should understand ‘what is fart?’

In simple words fart can be said as a process of releasing stinky gas as part of our digestion system.In this process our body will expel digested food particle which could not turned into energy for our body. Hydrogen sulfide is one of the smelly gasses  produced as result of break down of food materials by bacteria.This gas is toxic in large amount but in fart it is in tiny amount and this helps in protecting cells and resist illness.

Health benefits of smelling fart (flatulence)

It is found that hydrogen sulfide  can prevent mitochondria damage and helps to prevent diseases even cancer and heart attack.According to a study published in the Medical Chemistry Communication Journal explains that the hydrogen sulfide gas from rotten egg and in the smelling fart(flatulence) can be used as key factor in treating diseases. Dr.Mark wood, a professor at University Of Exeter  said that this pungent gas can be used in various therapies in future.

We know hydrogen sulfide is toxic and harmful in large amount but in small amounts like in fart is good to reduce cancer, stroke, heart attack, arthritis and dementia by preserving mitochondria.When cells causes diseases and become stressed, then they try to generate hydrogen sulfide to cure stress. The professors at University of Exeter keep studying this topic.

Expels waste

The farting is a process of expelling unwanted digested food particles. which cannot be converted into energy for our body. While try to hide our fart, it will make some problems too.

Farting is warning system

flatulence or smelling fart is a alarm by our stomach, stomach is trying to tell us something important.This alarm is trying to indicate something happening inside our body which may be some digestion problem or something which is not necessary for you body is there.This is why our body produces some hydrogen sulfide to prevent us from illness.

some says fart have some stress re leaf capabilities too they explains that when a fart goes out at time when we are in any stress will make us much more happier and healthier.

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