Basic Computer Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Basic Computer Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

In the world of digitalization if one doesn’t have the knowledge of computer he/she may find it difficult to work in their fields. Many people face rejection only due to lacking basic computer knowledge. Not only people working, even youngsters and adults may find it difficult to leave in the coming generations. Therefore learning computer at any age will always be fruitful. The easiest way to start with is by learning the basic computer shortcuts.

Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase one’s productivity, reduce strain and help keep one’s self focused. The shortcuts are helps you to work faster without working hard with the hands. Choosing copy from the file menu, and then returning to the keyboard.

Some easy ways to become a smart computer user:

Apple computer users can substitute the Ctrl key for the command(cmd)key on their computers. For example, pressing Cmd+ C copies  highlighted text.

Shortcut keys Description
 Ctrl + Backspace  Delete full word at a time instead of a single character.
 Ctrl + Home  Move the cursor  to the beginning of the document.
 Ctrl + End  Will move the cursor to the end of the document.
 Ctrl + P  To open a print preview the page or document currently being viewed.
 Alt  + F  File menu options in current program.
 Alt + E  Edit option in a current program.
 Alt + Tab  Switch between open programs (or Ctrl + Tab)
 F1  Universal Help in almost every Windows program.
 F2  Rename your selected file.
 F5  Refresh the current program window in your computer.
 Ctrl + N  Create a new or blank document in any of your programs.
 Ctrl + O  Open a file in your current program.
 Ctrl + A  Select the entire text.
 Ctrl + B  Change selected text to be bold.
 Ctrl + I  Change selected text to be in italic.
 Ctrl + U  Change selected text to be underlined.
 Ctrl + F  Open search window for any  document .
 Ctrl + S  Save current document file.
 Ctrl + X  Cut selected content.
 Shift + Del  Cut selected content.
 Ctrl + C Copy selected item.(or Ctrl + Insert)
 Ctrl + Ins
 Ctrl + V  Paste (or Shift + Insert).
 Shift + Ins  Paste.
 Ctrl + Y  Redo last action.
 Ctrl + Z  Undo last action.
 Ctrl + K  Insert hyperlink for selected text.
 Ctrl + P  Print the current page  or document.
 Home  Goes to the beginning of  current line.
 Ctrl + Home  Goes to beginning of document.
 End  Goes to end of current line.
 Ctrl + End  Goes to end of document.
 Shift +Home  Highlight from current position to beginning of line.
 Shift +End  Highlight from current position to end of line.
 Ctrl + Left arrow  Moves one word to the left at a time.
 Ctrl + Right arrow  Moves one word to the right at a time.
 Ctrl + Esc  Opens the start menu.
 Ctrl + shift + Esc  Open windows task manager.
 Alt + F4  Close the currently active program.
 Alt + Enter Open the properties for the selected items(file,folder,shortcut etc).

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